Undertake sessions of Himalaya inspired rejuvenating therapies; practise yoga under the tutelage of our expert while soaking in nature’s wellness. Get a healthy glow.

Churna Swedana

This therapy is also known as ‘the bundle massage’ during which you will unwind while having a full body massage with dosha specific oils. Subsequently, warmed herbal poultices will be applied on your body to initiate sweating that will help it get rid of various toxins and other impurities. This therapy is known for its abilities to increase circulation, hasten purging of toxins, and comforting of muscle pain and stiffness. It is also effective for treating rheumatism, arthritis as well as sports induced injuries.


By indulging in this therapy you cherish a gentle, continuous flow of liquid on your forehead that helps you get rid of multiple ailments. You can choose among lukewarm herbal oil or cooling buttermilk for this therapeutic session. The even stream of liquid on your forehead not only pacifies the mind but has a revitalising impact on the body. Shirodhara is known to prevent amnesia, control blood pressure, regularise sleeping irregularities among other proven benefits. It’s also great for reducing stress.


One of the most advisable therapies to address issues of obesity and to help excrete toxins stored in the body, this also greatly useful to attain firming and toning of the body. Specially created herbal powders are used in this therapy to deeply massage the body whereas hair follicles get stimulated and resultantly breaks down subcutaneous layer of fat.


Mukhlepa, the age old version of facial, therapies use herbs with Ayurvedic properties to cleanse and nourish the face. The use of a herbal ‘lepa’ or mask brings out an incredible glow of radiance on the face.


This therapy is ideal for triggering the natural cleansing and healing abilities of the body. During this, a full body massage with a therapeutic herbal oil is followed by application of an Ayurvedic mask on the entire body.

Sneha Vasti

The main seat of Vata dosha is Pakwashaya (Large intestine). Oil enemas are used to access this area and relieve Vata related disorders such as constipation, neurological ailments, flatulence, lower back ache, gout and rheumatism. Sneha Vasti nourishes and rebuilds the body tissue.

Kunjal Kriya

A commonly used yogic practice to cleanse the digestive tract between the stomach and mouth. Kunjal helps expel excess mucus, helping to remedy cough and cold, bronchitis, asthma and other respiratory disorders.


Instillation of medicated oil into the nostrils after massaging and inducing sweating to the upper portion of the body from the shoulders. During this process the areas around the nose, neck and shoulders are massaged continuously. This treatment is highly effective for cleansing of sinuses and treating migraines, chronic colds, headaches and chest congestion.

Kriya Yoga (A Process Of Unleashing Psychic Energy)

The very word Kriya means activity or movement, and in this context activity or movement of awareness or consciousness. Kriya Yoga in relation to the Hatha Yogic techniques such as asana (posture), Pranayama (breath-control), Mudras (yogic gestures), Bandhas (yogic energy locks) and various other yogic Shatkriyas (cleansing practices), unleashes and channelises the physical and more subtle psychic energies to attain the state of optimum health and spiritual awakening.


A stressful life-style has a profound effect on our breathing. In Pranayama the attention is on the breath. Pranayama literally means expansion of Prana (Vitality). Various techniques of Pranayama rectify the faulty patterns of breathing. It removes the blockages from the subtle energy channels and enhances the level of vitality and relaxation.

Chakra Shuddhi (A Process Of Unleashing Psychic Energy)

Chakra Shuddhi means ‘purification of the energy/psychic centres’. It is one of the very important techniques of Kundalini Yoga. Chakras are the subtle energy centres present in the psychic body. Chakra Shuddhi cleanses the entire chakra system through guided awareness and psychic mantras. It helps to solve the different issues related with the chakras, which bring about a deep transformation or wholeness in personality.

Kundalini Back Massage

Kundalini – a female goddess of awareness in the form of a coiled snake – is the dormant energy in the base of the spine, which, when awakened, travels up the spine to the third eye leading to increased energy and spiritual enlightenment. This treatment is deeply soothing, relaxing and balancing to the whole nervous system thanks to synergistic use of an essential oil blend used in combination with ancient techniques of massage and chakra healing.

Jal Neti

Jal Neti means the practice of cleansing the nasal passages by irrigation with salted lukewarm water. Neti helps to relieve sinus problems, improve eye-sight and relieves the condition of allergies.

Indian Head Massage

This ancient experience relaxes tones and eases muscle tension in the neck, head scalp and shoulders, it also aids in the elimination of toxins by stimulating circulation, creating a positive energy flow through the chakras leaving you in a state of tranquillity and peace.

International Experiences

Going back in time, researching ancient texts, the knowledge gleaned from the secrets of Egyptian princesses, the practices of ancient Rome, the rituals of the pagan Greeks, the origins of the first Spas from the practices of Europe, the spiritual teachings from the Masters of Japan, have all been brought together new ways in the form of revitalising experiences such as the sensuous Aromatherapy, the deeply relaxing Earth Stone massage, the gentle healing touch of Reiki, the pressure points and tension release work of Reflexology. These are but a few of the experiences that help to revitalize and rejuvenate.

Eternal WELLNESS BY NATURE (i.e. Signature massage of WBN @ EON)

Process that release deep seated tension and stress, relieve aches and pains, encourage deep breathing, calm the mind and make your mind, body and soul feel one with the mighty Himalayas. E.g. A fusion of Thai, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Deep tissue, Tibetan and Swedish massage techniques are applied to create a massage with a powerful therapeutic effect specific to and individual’s personal requirements. Blended essential oils, Hot Tibetan Poultices, Ayurvedic dosha specific oils, peppermint foot lotions and sea salts infused with indigenous essential oils are selected by the therapist to match the requirements of the guest.


Reflexology is performed to help restore and maintain the body’s natural equilibrium. This gentle therapy encourages the body to work naturally to restore its own healthy balance. It is a myth that reflexology should be painful to be effective, the slightest touch can have a marked effect on a person’s overall well being, stimulating reflex points to restore energy flow to the body as a whole.

Aromatherapy Massage

A holistic experience based on the application of carefully blended essential oils in a nourishing vegetable base using lymphatic and pressure point massage techniques to maintain and promote physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being. Choose from grounding, invigorating, detoxifying, Ananda spice, wild rose or stimulating oils, to intensify the therapeutic effects of this age-old treatment.

Traditional Thai Massage

Traditional Thai Massage, also known as Passive Yoga, combines gentle rocking and rhythmic compressions with targeted point pressure and assisted yoga stretches. Thai massage revitalizes both body and mind and balances the energy flow within. The therapist will tailor each treatment to meet your individual needs.

Earth Stone Massage

Earth Stone is a deep powerful form of massage, improving posture and circulation. Allow the warmth of hot basalt stones to give a deeper experience creating sensations of comfort and warmth, relaxing and releasing tension. In contrast the cold marble stones help the body to detoxify and heal, helping to strengthen the mind- body connections, leaving you feeling refreshed, energised and rebalanced.

Tibetan Ku Nye Massage

Tibetan massage focuses on lymphatic drainage; acupressure and meridian work using Hot Himalayan salt poultices infused with cardamom, lavender and jatamansi over the back, legs, chest, finishing with a wonderful head massage not forgetting the body’s meridian energy channels. The aim of this treatment is to restore the nervous system and stimulate a free flow of energy within the body.

Healing Experiences

When the mind is at peace and at one with the body, healing is accelerated. Crystals energised in the Himalayan moon light and cleansed in the waters that flow from the source of the Ganges river, surrender their energy and healing powers to the being, calming the mind, balancing the chakras and cleansing the being of negative thoughts and energy, thus assisting an individual on the road to total wellbeing. E.g. Crystal Therapy, Reflexology & Reiki with Crystals, Chakradhara, Thai massage etc.

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