Himalayan Wildlife

In the true sense, Himalayas is much more than lofty snow-capped mountains. It is home to the exquisite valleys, pine, deodar laden jungles along with a range of exotic Himalayan wildlife species. At Eon, patrons will get ample opportunity to discover the elusive Himalayan wildlife. The wildlife consists of foxes, wild goats, deer, elusive leopard and other exotic species which roam in these might mountains. For wildlife enthusiasts, the beautiful surrounding offers a wonderful chance to divulge the rich flora and fauna.

Quite and unspoiled the land is home to some of the most endangered species of both animals and birds. The mammoth diversity in terms of vegetation and wildlife makes the place as one of the amazing places for wildlife excursions. The mesmerizing landscape is a bonus while you trek through picturesque locations spotting elusive Himalayas wildlife.

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